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Movement is life and sFera Fitness offers fitness products to enhance your life by helping you move with ease and freedom. We offer versatile fitness props to help you improve your athletic performance and general wellbeing. Our products are designed in the USA and manufactured out of high quality materials to make sure that you can enjoy them for many years.

Today try our sFera PRO Therapy Massage Ball Set to melt away daily stress and muscle tension. Follow along dozens of free workouts available through our Training Library to stay active and fit. sFera Fitness will help you put “Fun” into working out.


sFera Therapy Massage Ball Set

sFera PRO massage therapy set is the most complete self-massage set that will let you target all tight spots in your body. No need to buy multiple products that are hard to store or get lost over time. This one set includes 4 lightweight types of massage balls in a convenient tote bag.

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Our Story

sFera Fitness is more than just a set of props or exercise routines to be used during your next workout. It’s a smart body conditioning system that will help you reach your fitness goals using budget and time-friendly techniques. Whether you want to release muscle tension, strengthen your core or add challenge and variety to your regular workouts, sFera products and workout ideas will help you do that.

In 2013 the creator of the brand Anastasiya Goers has given birth to her second set of identical twins. After teaching fitness and Pilates classes for 10+ years she realized that it was time to change her personal workouts and the way that she was helping her students reach their fitness goals. She started looking for time- and budget-friendly workout ideas that could be done anywhere in the shortest amount of time.

Reflecting upon the biggest wellness problems that most mothers face in their daily lives (back pain from caring for children, need to strengthen core muscles after pregnancy, lack of time to workout) she has started a line of sFera Fitness products to solve those issues. On top of that, she has started publishing free 20-30 min Youtube videos that could help even the busiest Moms fit a little bit of “healthy-me” time into their schedules.

Today sFera Fitness focuses not only on young Mothers but on all people who want to get healthier and stronger. Effective pain relief and body conditioning methods used in sFera Fitness workouts will leave you feeling strong, happy and energized.